Demopolis’ Chuck Smith appointed to Community College Board

Demopolis’ Chuck Smith has been appointed to the newly-established Board of Trustees for the Alabama Community College System, an appointment approved by the Alabama Legislature.

System Chancellor Mark Heinrich stated as part of the official announcement of the new Board of Trustees, “Approval of this legislation represents a fundamental commitment by our leadership to focus greater emphasis on the two-year colleges’ core mission to provide a unified system of institutions delivering excellence in academic education, adult education and workforce development. With the leadership of the Board of Trustees, we will aggressively operate the Alabama community colleges’ technical and workforce development programs to provide Alabama businesses the skilled workforce they need and deserve.

“The Alabama Community College System must equally provide the necessary course offerings and programs to allow our students to be prepared for eventual transfer to four-year institutions,” Heinrich continued. “I am committed to the task and the responsibility to lead the Alabama Community College System to provide instruction and workforce development initiatives that are responsive to industry needs — from highly-specialized instruction to programs that help prepare entry-level employees to meet growing, available job demands.”

Heinrich said he “welcome(s) the opportunity to work with (the Board) to define a vision for the future of Alabama’s community colleges at a very critical juncture in the life of the system. Beyond today’s headlines, I fully intend to use this watershed moment to create and implement a new future for our system. The people of the great state of Alabama expect and deserve a community college system managed efficiently and effectively – and that’s exactly what we will provide. I’m personally committed to delivering sound management, and I urge our new Board to join us in our effort to re-energize, to focus and to lead the Alabama Community College System so that we best serve our students – the citizens of our great state.”