Demopolis businessman visits DHS entrepreneurship class

pic - windham-dhsBy Connie Davis


Students in the Demopolis High School entrepreneurship class explore the steps necessary to starting a business, including analyzing the market, finding financing, and creating a form of organization that will accommodate future growth.

They learn about the operational issues that new businesses face, such as regulations, protecting intellectual property, and the financial risks of starting a business. Students examine ethical issues and develop a framework for managing them. Finally, students identify the risks, returns, and other aspects of entrepreneurship as a potential career.

We are currently studying market research and writing business plans. I asked Jason Windham to come and speak to my class of 24 students. He was very accommodating. He was very informative and encouraging. He was also very entertaining. We enjoyed his visit very much and have asked him to come back. He said all we have to do is let him know and he will come back anytime.

I asked my students, “What impressed you the most about Mr. Windham’s visit?”

Roderick Anderson: “One thing that Mr. Windham said that struck me from his speech, was how important market research is – to know your customer and the area that they are located in.”

Mary Francis Brown: “He never intended to be the owner of Holiday Cleaners, Suds or Batter Up. He adapted his plans to life. He took advantage of the opportunities that he found.”

Cheyenne Martin: “The thing that impressed me the most was when Mr. Windham talked about how important hard work is and how important work experience before high school graduation is.”

Lauren Boone: “I was impressed that Mr. Windham is still working to know his customer.”

Anna Lonergan: “The thing that caught my attention was when Mr. Windham said that at an early stage in his entrepreneurial career he almost bit off more than he could chew. He assessed his situation, stuck with the businesses that he had and never gave up.”

Kendra Collins: “He tried to get too big too fast. He took a step back and focused on the businesses that he had and making them successful.”