DCSF launches membership drive

With the belief that a good public education system is one of the pillars of a strong community, the Demopolis City Schools Foundation has been making a difference in the classrooms of our community since 1993.

In 20 years, the Foundation has awarded more than $900,000 in classroom grants, because of people who believe that all Demopolis students deserve the best tools to prepare them for college, careers, and life. Our classroom grants support classroom “extras” that budget funding just cannot provide. “My students wouldn’t have access to all the technology I have in my classroom without the Foundation.” Tracy Stewart, a 2nd Grade Teacher at Westside Elementary told the Foundation Board of Directors this year.

This past fall, the Foundation awarded $50,000 through 20 grants awarded across the school system including:

• Technology enhanced classrooms for the entire high-school math department, making algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus exciting and interactive;

• iPads to practice math and reading skills in the elementary classroom; and

• Physical education equipment at the middle school to encourage exercise through play and sports.

All of this and more is only possible because of the generosity of local citizens – individuals and business who translate their passion for education into tangible financial support. This year, the Foundation’s goal is to raise $55,000 in memberships by June 30 to continue to fund innovative ideas from teachers and support their efforts to give our children a world-class education. “For as little as $30 you really can make a difference in the classrooms of Demopolis,” shares Kim Townsend, Chairman of the Membership Committee.

Ken and Rebecca Marlowe support the Foundation because of their grandchildren, “We now have five grandchildren who will be coming through the Demopolis City School System and we feel like we need to give them the best schools possible. The Foundation is a great way to help.”

And some people feel the need to give back to the community that gave them their start: “Demopolis will always hold a special place in my heart. Giving to the Foundation is a great way to give back to the community.” said Wendy Porter, Demopolis High School Class of 1984 graduate.

Please join over 115 people who are already members this year and show your support for our school system with a membership in the Foundation. More information is available by calling the Foundation offices at 289-2226. You can make a gift online at the Foundation’s website – www.demopolis.org.

The Demopolis City Schools Foundation is an independent nonprofit established in 1993 to encourage private philanthropic support of the Demopolis public school system. Governed by a 32-member Board of Directors, the Foundation has provided over $900,000 in classroom grants since its inception, including over $50,000 in 2012. The Foundation also holds over $700,000 in reserve and endowment funds to ensure continued support in the future.