Cut the cord and save money

By Bruce Ward

If you’re  like most, you have internet, cell phones, maybe a home phone and cable or satellite TV all on top of everything else. Right? Do you need help with the cost? If so, think about cutting the cord!

What is cutting the cord? Well cutting the cord is turning your cable or satellite Tv off and using internet devices to supply your entertainment needs. My favorite Internet TV device is Roku.

The Cost:

Cable or Satellite Tv Cost:

$840 per year (Based on $70 per month.)

Roku and Mohu Cost:

$192 per year (Based on Netflix and Hulu Plus for $8 each per month.)

SAVINGS: $648 per year

3 Tips on cutting the cord:

1. Make sure you have the right High Speed Internet. A 3.0 or higher is good. Also you may need a wireless router. If you can get an internet provider that does not charge based on usage that would be best. If your only able to use a usage based provider (AT&T) just limit your live streaming and watch in SD format instead of HD.

2. Purchase a Roku at your local Wal Mart or Roku offers live sports, movies, tv shows, games, music stations, and much more on over 500 channels. There is no monthly fee to use Roku. You can subscribe to Netflix, or Hulu Plus for $8.00 each or just use one of the many channels that offers free movies and TV shows, plus a commercial or two. Some channels like BYU Tv offer live and on-demand content. Also depending on which Roku you purchase you can get your game on with one of the many casual games Roku offers like Super Crossfire, Angry Birds, and Muffin Knight. Checkout the Channel Guide at

3. Purchase a Mohu ( flat indoor antenna that can help provide you with local channels. If you live in a rural area you may only be able to get the local PBS stations.

Happy streaming and saving!


Bruce Ward is a guest columnist for