Council recognizes public servants for tornado relief efforts

Mayor Mike Grayson and the city council recognized 23 civil service workers for their efforts in response to the tornado that touched down on the east side of Demopolis Christmas night.

“As you all know, on Christmas night, we had a tornado that came through Demopolis. But for the grace of God, we could have been another Tuscaloosa. We were very blessed. Yes some property was damaged and people were somewhat scared, but nobody was killed or injured,” Grayson told the gallery gathered at Thursday evening’s Demopolis City Council meeting. “What we saw that night was, I think, a perfect working together of some of our departments. I think what that shows is, individually, some of our departments don’t have all of the resources to do it alone, but – working together – we can do it all.”

Grayson presented certificates of recognition and appreciation to employees from the Demopolis Police Department, Demopolis Fire and Rescue Department and the Demopolis Pubilc Works Department.

Recognized individuals were DPD members Chief Tommie Reese, Det. Zack Fluker, Sgt. Derrick Carter, Sgt. Rex Flowers, Sgt. Daryl Bowden, Officer Darryl Reeves, Sgt. Monica Oliver, Officer Marcus Williams, Officer Walter Wilson and Officer LaDeria Smith as well as DFRD members Chief Tommy Tate, Lt. Justin King, Cpt. Jeb Bailey, Bt. Chief Talmus Williams, Aaron Allred, Daniel Whatley, Patrick Winters, Lt. Greg Russell, Lt. Chris Foster and Cpt. Karl Hale. The council also recognized Public Works staffers Mike Baker and Glenn Rowser.