Council appointment should be simple

The Demopolis City Council is in the unusual position of appointing someone to fill the remaining 45 months of the four-year term to which Mitchell Congress had been elected.

While it is certain that the council will consider a number of individuals from District 2, it seems that the obvious choice for the position is Nathan Hardy.

There is a school of thought that has been expressed by some that Hardy had nearly 250 people in his district not vote for him in the August 2012 election and, therefore, he should not be appointed. The obvious flaw in the logic there is that aside from Congress and Hardy, absolutely no one got any votes in the August election.

Hardy is a fair-minded and reasonable man who will likely make a very good city councilman. However, even if those descriptions did not apply, Hardy would still be the easy choice for the seat chased solely on the fact that he is the only person from District 2 who wanted the council seat enough to go through the qualifying process and subsequently run a campaign.

The Demopolis City Council will likely have plenty of difficult decisions to make over the next four years. Here is to hoping that the city’s governing body does not turn this appointment into one of those.