Charges upgraded in police officer shooting

LINDEN — The charge against, LaKendrick Rogers, the man suspected of shooting Linden police officer Lt. Demetrius Marshall during an altercation Sunday morning has been upgraded to attempted murder.

Linden police chief Scott McClure said the decision to upgrade the charge against Rogers was made after a discussion with District Attorney Greg Griggers.

“We talked with the D.A.,” McClure said. “The D.A. told us to go ahead and upgrade it to attempted murder.”

Rogers is believed to be the individual who shot Marshall while the officer was attempting to break up a fight at the local Chevron station Sunday at approximately 1:15 a.m.

Marshall was on scene to break up a fight and disperse a crowd that had gathered after an incident that began at an out-of-town club continued when the involved parties arrived at the Linden service station.

Marshall first attempted to arrest Jonathan Tate, who resisted and prompted the officer to utilize his stun gun. Following the use of the stun gun by Marshall, Travis Tate reportedly intervened on behalf of his brother and attempted to wrestle the device away from the officer.

The Linden Police Department later learned that Phillip Rogers was also involved in the incident after studying the video evidence taken by the security camera at the gas station.

“We didn’t figure out he was involved until we got to looking at the tape real close,” McClure said. “We got to reviewing the tape closely and figured out that Phillip Rogers was involved. He was helping Travis Tate assault the officer.”

The incident reportedly ended when a fourth man, believed to be LaKendrick Rogers, emerged from the crowd and shot Marshall in the leg approximately two inches below his hip.

Marshall received treatment and was released the same day from Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital in Demopolis. The bullet made a clean exit out of the back of Marshall’s leg, making no contact with bone or arteries.

All four men fled the scene. The Linden Police Department arrested Jonathan and Travis Tate Sunday morning before apprehending LaKendrick Rogers without incident at the home of a family member. The LPD then picked up Phillip Rogers Sunday evening.

Jonathan Tate, 23, of Linden is charged with Resisting Arrest, Escape and Disorderly Conduct. Phillip Rogers, 30, of Linden is charged with Assault II.

Travis Tate, 31, of Linden is charged with Assault II and Disorderly Conduct.

LaKendrick Rogers, 23, of Linden is charged with Attempted Murder.