Case against Thomasville dentist dismissed

The case against George Terry Pugh has been dismissed after Judge Wade Drinkard signed an order Tuesday that officially drops the charges against the Thomaston resident.

Pugh, 50, faced Assault I charges after a Nov. 25 incident in which he shot Lynn Howard Crocker during a dispute. Crocker received treatment for his injuries at Druid City Hospital in Tuscaloosa.

According to District Attorney Greg Griggers, the dismissal of the charges came about at Crocker’s behest following an interview the shooting victim did with Thomaston Police Department investigators.

“There were no eyewitnesses to the shooting and our investigation would have boiled down to a dispute between the victim and the defendant as far as what happened at the shooting,” Griggers said. “If the victim does not want the case prosecuted and is not going to work with the District Attorney’s office, there is no reasonable expectation that we could get a conviction. He’s not giving us any reason to pursue the case since it would hinge primarily on his testimony.”