Capital Murder charges filed in Collins case

THOMASVILLE — The Thomasville Police Department’s ongoing investigation into the murder of Fredia Collins has led to Capital Murder charges being filed against Jarvis D. Culpepper of Thomasville.

Culpepper was arrested in the early morning hours last Friday by the Fredia Collins Task Force and is incarcerated in the Clarke County Jail.

Collins died from a gunshot wound while working late at her business, Collins and Collins Insurance, Monday evening, Sept. 10.

The Fredia Collins Task Force consists of the Thomasville Police Department, Clarke County Sheriff’s Department, Alabama State Troopers, ABC Agents, the Grove Hill Police Department, District Attorney Spence Walker’s Office, the Alabama Department of Homeland Security, the Clarke County Coroner’s Office, the Alabama Department of Corrections K9 Tracking Unit, the Clarke County Drug Task Force and the Alabama Department of Forensics.