Barkley takes over Revenue Commission

Sharon Barkley will be sworn in this morning as the new Marengo County Revenue Commissioner following the retirement of William J. “Bo” McAlpine last Friday.
“I have worked here since 2005 in assessing. I love working with the public,” Barkley said. “When Bo mentioned he was going to be retiring, I had an interest in trying to receive the appointment. I went and talked with the appointing director and interviewed. They told me (Wednesday) that I had received the appointment.”
Barkley moved into the post after seven years working in assessing in the department, inheriting a new set of challenges in the process.
“It’s going to be a challenge with several of the ladies (in the department) retiring,” Barkley said. “I’ll work with the public on any kind of issues that might arise.”
Barkley also said she hopes to continue the process of modernizing the department and its connectivity.
“Hopefully there will be funds that I can upgrade our computer system,” Barkley said. “I’d still like to work toward more technology and make it easier for the public to access information about properties.”
Barkley indicated her transition has been made much easier by the efforts of McAlpine, who served in the post for 21 years.
“When I showed an interest, he was very helpful in showing me the budgets, how to work with the budget and then introduced me to other revenue commissioners so I can call on them with any questions,” Barkley said. “And he implemented the Flagship GIS. I can’t say enough how helpful that has been. I want to continue, like him, in advancing our department and our office. It is a tremendous opportunity to serve the people of Marengo County. I look forward to running for the office in 2014.”