According to Me: Things I believe

One of the inescapable truths of life is that each and every man, woman and child views the world through a unique scope that cannot be replicated. One of the sadder truths is that most people are unaware of the parameters of that scope or the factors that contribute to it.

Writing, if nothing else, is a means off assessing that scope. The process serves as a conduit for self-examination, an exhibition of thought through which the writer offers portions of himself to the world beyond his thoughts.

Understanding one’s scope is essential for identifying personal bias and belief, for expanding one’s limitations and comfort zone.

In my case, that self assessment takes shape in the form of a list of seemingly unassociated beliefs, likes and dislikes that all band together in the formation of the construct through which I view the world. This is by no means a comprehensive list, nor is it in any particular order.

  1. I believe Chipper Jones was robbed of the 1995 National League Rookie of the Year Award.
  2. I believe The Avett Brothers have never put on a bad show.
  3. I believe all Daughtry songs sound like all other Daughtry songs.
  4. I believe in God.
  5. I believe in personal accountability.
  6. I believe the lack of personal accountability may be the single greatest threat to our societal wellbeing.
  7. I believe in education that starts at home and is merely supplemented in school.
  8. I believe in chivalry.
  9. I believe in the need for family time.
  10. I believe in the importance of bedtime prayers with my children.
  11. I believe a good curveball reveals the truth about a hitter.
  12. I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that such knowledge necessitates response.
  13. I believe the Bible IS infallible and stands as THE authority in man’s existence.
  14. I believe in working hard.
  15. I believe in working smart.
  16. I believe in doing right for right’s sake.
  17. I don’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK.
  18. I don’t believe the American people will ever know who actually did.
  19. I believe Drew Brees is the greatest NFL free agent signing of all time.
  20. I believe 9/11 is the single scariest day of my life to date.
  21. I believe in being nice to people.
  22. I believe in doing right by people.
  23. I believe dreams are meant to be chased.
  24. I believe failure is a necessary component of development.
  25. I believe the cures for things such as cancer or the common cold will never come from a capitalistic society.
  26. I believe love is a decision we make each day.
  27. I believe fixing systemic issues requires fixing the people that comprise the system.
  28. I believe social media is wrecking our social skills.
  29. I believe loving another person is the hardest and most worthy work one can ever do.


Jeremy D. Smith is managing partner of The West Alabama Watchman. He has covered news and sports in Demopolis since 2008. His column, According to Me, appears weekly on